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Friedensallee 52a
22765 Hamburg
Represented by
Katrin Nehlsen
Mark brought Seelen+ to life. As visual director for film and photography he composes his images in a way that brings forward the creator’s intention and the ways art unfolds in architecture and design. With naturalness, emotion and love for detail he interprets his clients’ visions now for more than 30 years. This way he composed a unique imagery. In private the humorous dutchman has a passion for the color grey and good food.
Katrin is the one responsible for commercial productions and carries within her the kind of clarity and serenity that can only be achieved through years of experience in the business. She is your first and last contact when doing a commercial production and easily manages to be both: warm-hearted and highly professional at the same time. With her you are always in good hands.
Vera has been working in the field of photo production and management for more than 10 years now.
As a trained photographer she knows what it takes to bring balance to any kind of shooting. ‚Impossible‘ is not a part of her vocabulary, even when it gets super busy behind the scenes. Whatever the concern - she is the right one to answer all your questions or requests.
Josh has been working together with Mark since 2019 and is the second photographer of our team. With his love for details and his calm and concentrated manner he translates the Seelen+-look skillfully into the frame. He is also the one taking care of post production within the studio. In general, Josh always invested 100+% and if something happens to have a tight deadline, it is usually his untiring work ethic that makes this possible.